News Publisher, the automated press release submission software by Soft Solutions

I have tried a few Press Release Posting Programs, including PressBot and BackLink Syndicator, and I like News Publisher by Soft Solutions Limited the best.

Yes, it is a subscription software program ($19.99/month), but since I am posting two dozen press releases each month for clients, plus press releases for my vitamin store, and my affiliate marketing sites, this is a terrific time saver. If you are posting press releases on a regular basis, I recommend this software to save you valuable time.

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Saves Time: News Publisher successfully posts a press release to two to three dozen press release web sites in about thirty minutes. Doing this manually would take several hours. This program is one method to automate some of your search engine optimization and public relations activities.

Reporting: News Publisher generates a Submission Report allowing you to keep track of where a press release was and was not posted. If you are posting the press release for a client, you can supply the client this report as a PDF or HTML file.

Anchor Text: The program supports creating one anchor text link (cickable text link) on those press release submission websites that allow it. A press release with well planned anchor text creation supports search engine optimization (SEO).

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Everyone, I have two updates. The first is about It appears they may not be going out of business after all. The other day I was going through the search results on Google, and come across a press release on I clicked through to find the press release and the message about the site being hacked removed. And I found most of my other press releases had been deleted. They seem to delete press releases that are about 18 months (or so) old. My other update is about This press release site has changed management. They are temporarily allowing the posting of free press releases. I don't know how long that will last. Thanks, Wayne